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Hair Loss

DUTAS Dutasteride
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Dutas is a mix of two medicines: dutasteride and tamsulosin hydrochloride. The drugs have complementary mechanisms of action, due to which there is a rapid weakening of urination. It reduces the risk of retention of the urine. It is not ant

FINAST Finasteride
$2.46 per pill
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Finast is indicated for the treatment of benign proliferation of prostate tissue with the purpose of reducing its size and slowing the pathological process. The drug is successfully used to normalize the outflow of urine in case of a benign

FINPECIA Finasteride
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Finpecia is prescribed for male-pattern baldness treatment.

PROPECIA Finasteride
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Propecia is medicine for hair loss treatment.

PROSCAR Finasteride
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Proscar is prescribed for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Rogaine 2
$32.17 per pill
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The local application of Rogaine 2 has a stimulating effect on hair growth in men and women with androgenetic alopecia. In clinical studies, it is reported that Regain stimulates hair growth and stops it falling out in cases when it begins

Rogaine 5
$38.59 per pill
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Rogaine is the brand recommended by trichologists all over the world for hair restoration. For more than 20 years, the medicine has shown excellent results, which are confirmed in more than 2000 clinical trials. Using Rogaine 5 one is able